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3PE Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

Views:2     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-06      Origin:Site

Introduction of 3PE Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe industry in the current development status of the country is good, anti-corrosion industry as we know it --3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe, in the industry also plays a large role, and today we have the knowledge about the corrosion of the steel pipe 3PE analysis and presentation, hoping for the industry who is not yet familiar with its features helpful.


 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe base material including seamless steel tubes, spiral pipe and straight pipe joints. Three-layer structure of polyethylene (3PE) anti-corrosion coating with good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and water permeability gas and other petroleum pipeline industry has been widely used. 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe coating for the life of a buried pipeline is critical, the same material of the pipe, buried in the ground for decades and some non-corrosive, and some years it leaks occur. Because they use different outer coating.


Then again on the advantages of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe analysis and presentation, including ordinary steel pipe for use in harsh environmental conditions, there will be severe corrosion, which will reduce the life of the steel pipe, anti-corrosion pipe insulation service life is relatively long, can be used under normal circumstances are 30-- 50 years, and the correct installation and use is also possible to make the pipe network maintenance costs low, corrosion pipe insulation can also set the alarm system, automatic leak detection pipe network failure, accurate knowledge of fault location and automatically alarms.


3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe insulation performance, heat loss of only 25 percent of traditional pipe, long run can save still relatively large resources, significantly reduce energy costs, and still has a relatively strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, and no need to trench attached, you can directly buy the ground or water, the construction is simple and fast, comprehensive cost is relatively low, at low temperatures also have good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and in certain circumstances also can be directly buried permafrost.