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Casing pipe BTC J55,K55,L80,N80-1/Q,P110,C90,C110,Q125

Casing pipe BTC J55,K55,L80,N80-1/Q,P110,C90,C110,Q125
Casing pipe supply,casing pipe process


Casing pipe BTC J55,K55,L80,N80-1/Q,P110,C90,C110,Q125

Casing pipe supply,casing pipe process

Couplings: the ends of the pipe body adopt a ladder buckle BC, BTC

Complies with the API 5CT production standard thread, strength and tensile strength are higher than the pipe strength.

Performance: as per J55,K55,L80,N80-1/Q,P110,C90,C110,Q125

Thread type: 5 teeth / in

Taper 1:16

Size Specifications: 4 1/2"-30"

Casing action: A casing is a pipe as a supporter that transports crude oil and natural gas from a reservoir to a surface after drilling is completed to withstand the pressure generated during the mining process.

Commonly used material: J55,K55,L80,N80-1/Q,P110,C90,C110,Q125

Delivery status: rolling plus normalizing

Casing pipe function:

Surface casing: The casing head is installed at the top, and the subsequent casings are suspended and supported by the casing head; the shallow water layer and the shallow complex bottom layer are isolated, and the fresh water layer is not contaminated by the drilling fluid.


Intermediate casing (technical casing): a layer that isolates different formation pressures or complex formations that are prone to collapse.


Production casing: protects the production layer and provides access to oil and gas from the production layer to the ground.


Drilling Liner: Reduces the load on the rig and the load on the casing head after cementing, while saving a large amount of casing and cement and reducing cementing costs.

Anti-adhesive buckle---allow multiple shackles

High dimensional accuracy, uniform organization and good toughness;

The product has excellent anti-squeezing and anti-explosion properties.

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