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EN10219 S355J2H LSAW Steel Pipe 813mmX25MM

EN10219 S355J2H LSAW Steel Pipe 813mmX25MM


LSAW steel pipe


 SAWL the longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe production line

Diameter 400-1422mm, thickness 8mm to 40mm

JCOE unit, cold expanding, heat treatment device

Annual production capacity 100000 tons for one production line

SAWL pipe is used widely in onshore and offshore conveyance of gas, oil, water, coal slurry, and also used for construction, bridge, tower, power engineering, chemicals, ocean platform etc.

1.Application Pilling, seashore platform, ground construction

2. SAWL steel pipe Product specification:

O.D.: Ф406.4Ф1422.4mm16-56in

Length: 312.3m 

W.T.: 850mm (apply to simple carbon steel, Low carbon alloy steel)

Product standards:

ASTMA252, API 5L, DIN EN10219/10224, BS, JIS A5525, JIS G3444, ASTMA139, GB/T3091

GR.2/GR.3, Grade STK290-540, Grade A-E, Q215-Q345

3. Pile pipe production process

Plate Ultrasonic Inspection Each plate is first full-plate ultrasonic inspected after entering the process
Plate Edge Milling The Plate edges are milled by Edge Milling Machine to obtain the required width, parallelism and bevel angles;

Plate Edge CrimpingThe two edges of the plate are crimped at the Crimping Machine to get the required radius;

Forming The first half of the plate is fed step by step into the Pipe Forming Press to form the plate into a" J "shape. Then another half of the plate is pressed step by step to form the plate into" C "shape. The last stroke is to press the plate into an open "O" shape;
Pre-Welding The two edges of the open seam pipe should be brought together by tack welding machine then welded by tack welder using metal active-gas arc welding (MAG) process;
Inside Welding The pipe is welded from inside of the pipe by multi-pass tandem submerged-arc welding (max. four wires);

Outside Welding The pipe is welded from outside of the pipe by multi-pass tandem submerged-arc welding;
Ultrasonic Testing and X-ray Inspection The welded area on both sides of the weld is 100% tested by automatic ultrasonic tester.

Pipe Ends Beveling All pipes qualified from previous testing are subject to pipe end processing to get the required bevel dimension.

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