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HDPE One-step Polyurethane Insulation Pipe Production Line

Most advanced 3LPE pipe line production equipment,sold very well in China market
HDPE one-step polyurethane insulation pipe production line
High grade,high speed 3LPE coated line



HDPE one-step polyurethane insulation pipe production line

Product introduction: One-step polyurethane insulation pipe equipment product description:

The technology is to cover the outer surface of the steel pipe with the heat insulating layer and the anti-corrosion layer at the same time, thereby forming the heat preservation and anti-corrosion layer of the pipeline, which is the first in China. Compared with other methods, it has outstanding advantages such as continuous operation, high production efficiency, low cost, energy saving and pollution-free environment. In 1985, it won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and it has been updated by science and technology to reach the international advanced level.

New "one-step" process features:

1. Wide range of materials can be used for anticorrosion of steel pipes by epoxy powder and various coatings.

2. The foam can be polyester high temperature foam and asphalt black foam.

3. The jacket layer is bonded with the foam layer, the foam layer and the anti-corrosion layer are bonded, and the anti-corrosion layer is firmly bonded to the steel pipe.

The steel pipe adiabatic anti-corrosion production line built by the one-step forming method has high degree of automation, and the quality of the adiabatic anti-corrosion layer completely conforms to national standards.

Since the technology was successfully developed in 1983, after nearly 20 years of improvement, the range of working pipelines has reached φ48mm~φ1000mm. The heat-insulating anti-corrosion layer steel pipe is mainly used for the adiabatic and anti-corrosion of crude oil conveying pipeline, direct-buried heating pipeline and refrigeration system pipeline, and has broad application prospects and high return on investment. It can be applied to central heating units, long-distance oil transportation, water supply, gas supply and other projects.

The steel pipe anti-corrosion insulation foam jacket molding technology was developed in the early 1980s by the former Ministry of Petroleum Infrastructure Bureau to organize experts to visit Canada, and to promote new technologies in domestic oilfields, and on the basis of foreign “two-step” molding process, In 1983, the Shengli Oilfield Oil Construction Technology Research Institute first introduced the “one-step” molding technology, namely, the steel pipe foam anti-corrosion insulation molding technology and the outer insulation jacket layer, which we call “one-step” operation. The success of this process technology not only improved the efficiency of the work, but also greatly saved the materials, reduced the cost, and facilitated the construction. Soon, this technology was promoted in the national oil fields.


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