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Polyethylene Anticorrosion Tape

Views:3     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-02      Origin:Site

A. Polyethylene Anticorrosion Tape
The polyethylene anticorrosion tape mainly consists of polyethylene backing film and the adhesive layer whose main component is butyl rubber. It is produced through extruding the composite anticorrosion materials. The adhesive layer is attached to the polyethylene backing film through thermal compounding. The anticorrosion system is comprised of primer, anticorrosion adhesive tape (inner tape) and protective tape (outer tape) or only primer and anticorrosion adhesive tape.

The polyethylene anticorrosion tape is also called pipe anticorrosion adhesive tape, pipe anticorrosion tape, polyethylene cold wrapping tape, cold wrapping tape, composite polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape, etc. Featuring excellent insulativity, good anticorrosion effect, high mechanical strength, small water absorption, long service lifetime, good resistance to impact and ageing, the product can be used in the construction conveniently with safety and no pollution. It is widely applied in many areas with high efficiency.

The polyethylene anticorrosion tape is mainly used for outer surface anti corrosion of the steel pipeline which is buried under the ground for petroleum transportation. It has been used as the external anticorrosion material for oil and gas steel pipeline for more than 40 years since 1960s. The merits of excellent property and convenient construction allow the product to play a very important role in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. With the continuous improvement in specification and quality of the product, the application range of the product is expanded largely and constantly.

a. Polyethylene Anticorrosion Adhesive Tape for Gas Pipeline
In the oil and gas production as well as in the city gas pipeline network, the electrochemical corrosion happens mostly. The soil corrosion belongs to the electrochemical corrosion. The main influencing factors of soil corrosion are comprised of soil resistivity, oxidation potential of soil, salt content, content of water and air, soil temperature, acidity, microbe and stray current. Aiming to the anticorrosion type, we develop the special anticorrosion tape for gas pipeline. The product has many features listed below.
1. The adhesive layer is uniform in thickness and has good adhesive sealing performance.
2. The bonding force between the base material and adhesive layer is large. During the process of storage or construction, there is no degumming.
3. The product is resistant to heat, ageing and UV light.
4. It has high tensile strength and the elongation at break is appropriate, which facilitates wrapping by hand or equipment.
5. The product is diversified in variety, specification and color. We can provide anticorrosion tape (inner tape), protective tape (outer tape), joint tape, anticorrosion primer and the construction machinery.

b. Polyethylene Drainage Pipeline Anticorrosion Adhesive Tape
1. The multi-layer type anticorrosion system of the product consists of inner-layer anticorrosion tape and outer protective layer resistant to mechanical impact. Completely different from the other anticorrosion coating, it has excellent anticorrosion effect and resistance to impact.
2. The product has wonderful resistance to water and oxidation.
3. The butyl rubber contained in the adhesive layer has superb oxidation resistance function.
4. When wrapping the product, operation with uniform and correct thickness and overlapped width of the product can avoid material waste and reduce cost effectively.
5. Once the steel pipe is wrapped with the polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape, the product starts to exert its function immediately. There is no need for curing period. So, the wrapped steel pipe can be lifted and hoisted immediately to shorten the construction time.
6. The product has very low cathodic disbonding rate, high adhesive force to steel pipe, strong resistance to impact and penetration. It is a robust anticorrosion system.
7. It can be applied conveniently with safety and good environmental protection. There is no need for solvent. The product is suitable for operation by hand or equipment.
8. It can be used for wrapping steel pipe with the diameter of wide range. The smallest value of the diameter can be 50mm and the maximum value can be 1800mm.
9. The applicable temperature range of the product is wide from minus 30
to 90. The temperature resistance property is stable.

c. Polyethylene Oil Pipeline Anticorrosion Adhesive Tape

The polyethylene anticorrosion tape is widely used in industry. It consists of polyethylene membrane and butyl rubber. The product has excellent mechanical strength and adhesive sealing performance. It can be divided into anticorrosion type (inner type), protective type (outer type) and joint type according to its role. In accordance with the requirements for the corrosion layer grade, the polyethylene anticorrosion tape can also be divided into general type, strengthening type and special strengthening type.

Anticorrosion Layer Grade

Total Thickness (mm)

Anticorrosion Structure

General Type


Primer, Inner Tape and Outer Tape

Strengthening Type


Primer, Inner Tape and Outer Tape (The   overlapped width is 50% to 55% of the width of product.)