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Pre-insulated pipe

Views:501     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-05      Origin:Site

Introduction of Pre-insulated pipe

Pre-insulated pipe is consist of steel pipe for transmission medium, polyurethane rigid foam insulation laer an HDPE outer outer protection pipe.

Series of pre-insulated pipe are available in our factory, we can provide DN30-1600mm, all kinds of diameters and insulation thickness of the pipe and the corresponding pipe fittings are available(elbow, tee, reducer, fixed bracket and so on).

Pre-insulated pipe is suitable for pipeline system that with less than 120 degree medium, the peak by accident is less than 140 degree, and operating pressure is not greater than 2.5Mpa.

Pre-insulated pipe carries out the national standard GB/T29047-2012, ministry of construction standard CJ/T114-2000, CJ/155-2001, reference to European EN253(pipeline), EN448(pipe fittings)  standards.

In order to ensure the trinity of pre-insulated pipe structure as a whole, we make the shot blasting for the outer of the steel pipe and corona surface treatment for the plastic outer protecting pipe before foaming, derusting  grade is up to the SA2.5 of the GB/T 8923-1988, the surface tension of outer protection pipe has reached  50 dyne/cm.

we adopts hydraulic adjustable tilt angle injections or use the special-purpose metering pump of high pressure and large flux of vertical injections, ensure uniform foam, inprove the quality of the insulation layer.

Polyethylene outer protection pipe is made of high-quality high density polyethylene resin material: Shanghai Jinfei HHMTR480AT, Qilu petrochemical DGDB2480

 PN049(level 100).

The polyurethane insulation layer with good mechanical properties, according to customers’ requirement, we can provide cfc-free water environmental protection insulation pipe, its low thermal conductivity, small heat loss, high mechanical performance and long-term heat resistance, on one side improve the environment and on the other side improve the product performance and quality.

The mark of the pre-insulated pipe

Below information should be marked on the HDPE outer protection pipe: diameter and thickness of working steel pipe, diameter and thickness of the pre-insulated pipe, product standard code, production date and batch number, the logo or name of the manufacturer.

The transportation of the  pre-insulated pipe

Crane should be used in transportation, insulation pipe segments must be used to prevent of the HDPE protection pipe and the insulation layer, in the process of loading, collision and rolling on the ground should be avoided.

The storage of the  pre-insulated pipe

The ground should be flat, no rock and hard sundries, the area can’t be full of water, ensure that the pipe and the joint seal waterproof,  pre-insulated pipe stacking height should not be higher than 2 m, the pipe should not be long time in open air, it is appropriate to use tarpaulin cover to protect the pipe.


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