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Stainless steel wire wrapped screen pipe, bridge solt screen pipe,Johnson Screen pipe

The wire-wound screen consists of a drilled base pipe, a screen cylinder and a joint. The screen cylinder is formed by applying a trapezoidal wire, a triangular wire or a special shape of wire winding to a set of support wires (ribs) arranged in a circumferential arrangement.


Stainless steel wire wrapped screen pipe, bridge slot screen pipe,Johnson Screen pipe

Gap (mm):  0.10, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.30-35, can also be made according to customer requirements

Material: low carbon steel, low carbon steel galvanized, plastic spray, stainless steel (304, 316L, Hastelloy, etc.)

Length: 50mm--6000mm

Outer diameter: 25mm--600mm

Connection: groove connection or threaded connection, direct tube head or threaded tube head

Screen size: conventional 0.75*1.5mm, 1*2mm, 2*3mm, 2.3*3mm, 3*5mm

Internal ribs: DN25mm/12, DN33mm/8, DN37mm/8, DN40mm/10, DN60mm/12, etc.


1. The small gap under the surface of the surface makes the gap self-cleaning, ensuring the smoothness of fluid filtration, and guarantees the production efficiency and the longevity of the filter.

2. The wire is connected to all the support bars by electric welding. It is durable and has a long working life.

3. The minimum width of the opening gap is 0.1mm, which can meet the needs of most sand control work, the same filtering precision and higher flow area.

4. Different specifications and raw materials (mainly stainless steel and carbon steel) can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, so as to ensure reasonable investment and save production cost; non-stainless steel products can be formed into a protective layer by galvanizing treatment, and the appearance is beautiful and clean.

5. Screen joints can also be made according to different needs, and can be packaged according to customer needs.

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