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Tubing J55 K55 EUE UPSET

Tubing J55 K55 EUE UPSET
Coupling: EUE tube end upset
NUE tube end not upset


Tubing J55 K55 EUE UPSET


Coupling: EUE tube end upset

                 NUE tube end not upset

Complies with the API 5CT production standard thread, strength and tensile strength which are higher than the casing pipe strength.

Performance: Yield strength: 379-552Mpa, tensile strength: greater than 517Mpa.

Thread type: 8 teeth / in

Taper 1:16

Size Specifications by inch: 1.315-4 1/2"

Thickness&pressure:As per API 5CT


Tubing: The tubing is the pipeline that transports crude oil and natural gas from the reservoir to the surface after drilling is completed. It is used to withstand the pressure generated during the mining process.

Casing function: The oil casing is a steel pipe used to support the oil and gas well wall to ensure the normal operation of the entire well after the drilling process and completion.

Commonly used material: J55,K55

Delivery status: hot rolled pipe

Performance characteristics:

Anti-adhesive buckle---allow multiple shackles

High dimensional accuracy, uniform organization and good toughness;

The product has excellent anti-squeezing and anti-explosion properties.

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